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Location: Halle
Altersfreigabe: ab 16 Jahren

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The Great Decay Europe Tour

Hailing from the cold north of Denmark, CABAL unleash their dark force with Magno Interitus, the bands third studio album. Rooted in a wide array of musical influences ranging from black metal and hardcore, to death metal and modern deathcore, CABAL have cemented themselves as a band at the cutting edge of the extreme metal scene, ready to tear down all genre borders. CABAL are not only charting new territory with their visceral and doom-laden sound but are also moving out of the comforts of their dark, black and white signature aesthetic into bright colours inspired from Ari Asters latest masterpiece, ‘Midsommar’. Flowers, vines and eerie cultist May Queens are amongst the new visual elements that define the aesthetic of Magno Interitus.
Andreas, who is the art director and lyricist in the band, is excited about the new direction of the album: “We have a kind of base sound, our safe home. From there, we can experiment and try something new. On Magno Interitus we really left our comfort zone and went deeper into the details and extremes than ever before. You can hear it on the title track, as well as on the opener “If I Hang, Let Me Swing” or on “Exsanguination”. These are my personal three favourites on the album at the moment.”
Once more, CABAL brought in some extraordinary features on the album such as Joe ‘Bad’ Badolato of Fit For An Autopsy on Magno Interitus, as well as Simon Olsen from the Danish band BÆST on the track “Insidious”. This time around, CABAL also experimented with a completely different format by inviting the dark, industrial duo ‘John Cxnnor’ to co-create the very unique track “Blod af Mit”.
The album was released in October 2022 through Nuclear Blast Records.